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RKM Medical Education Consulting


Applying and securing admission to medical school is no easy task.  Each year there are approximately 44,000 applicants to American Medical Schools, with only approximately 20,000 students being accepted (45%).  This means that 55% will not be admitted.  This is why an experienced consultant is often needed.


If you have attended or are attending a reputable college/university, have a GPA > 3.5, and an MCAT score >500, you may not need the advice of a consultant.  However, with the competition being so extreme, you may wish to seek the advice of someone with experience in the admissions process.

A word of caution—a high GPA and high MCAT does not guarantee admission.  Medical school admissions committees also want to see a commitment to the profession and an applicant’s interest.

I have witnessed firsthand students with GPAs of 3.9 and MCAT scores >500 not be accepted, and on the contrary, I have seen students with GPAs of 3.2 and MCAT scores in the mid 20’s get accepted.  Why? Most admission committees want diversity and experience in life situations as well.  Again, this is where a qualified consultant will help you accentuate your application.

When your GPA or MCAT score is weak, it is here you must work to make your application shine.  It is sometimes the extra-curricular experiences, volunteer work you have done, or a life situation and how you overcame it that may in fact separate you from the rest.

We will assist you at every stage with the application review, the personal statement (editing), review of AMCAS/AACOMAS, and help prepare you for your medical school interview.  You have the option of working on one particular part of the application process, or on all parts.  Since the process is often overwhelming for the applicant, it is recommended the complete package makes more economical sense.

Dr. Messo will conduct all consulting via email, conference calls, skype, face time, or in person for those fortunate to live in the Central NJ area.

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