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RKM Medical Education Consulting

Fees and Services

All fees must be pre-paid before services are rendered.

***Free 15 minute consultation by phone (732) 539-7007. This will serve as an overview of the available services, and strategies used to enhance your application and improve your chances for admission into medical school or that residency program of your choice.

General Fee:  $100 per hour (2-hour minimum required pre-paid)

Plan "HS" - High School Students:  $150 (discounted price)

  • Services include up to 2 hours if needed discussing the college selection process, the importance of class selection in college, grades, MCAT examination, and overall strategies in pursuit of becoming a physician.

  • Discussion will also be made of combined college/medical school applications.

Plan "T" - The Traditional Medical School Application:  $1500 (discounted special) ( Up to 15 hours of consultation time)

  • This is designed for the traditional medical school applicant.  It includes an in-depth analysis of your GPA, Science GPA, MCAT score, letters of recommendation, etc.

  • Review and critique of our personal statement (up to 3 drafts).  Review and critique of AMCAS application (up to 3 drafts).  If the applicant is applying to Osteopathic schools as well, and additional time is spent on AACOMAS application will be billed at $150/hour.

Plan "T/NT" - The medical school applicant applying to "traditional" and "non-traditional" schools:  $1995 (No limitation of time)

  • Same as Plan T -- PLUS, no draft or time limits, includes all of the above, services can be used for MD, DO, or off-shore medical school applications simultaneously (in the same year)

  • includes assistance with the selection of schools to apply to, mock interviews, and critique.

  • Guidance on how to handle multiple acceptances.

Plan "RA" - The "re-applicant":  $1995 (No limitation of time)

  • All of the above plus unlimited assistance with every step of the process.  Careful analysis of MCAT scores and recommendations -- seeking methods of enhancing the application.

  • An in-depth strategic planning session(s) to understand why you may have been unsuccessful in obtaining admission.  Careful planning not to make the same mistakes the second time.  How to make your application stand out the second time around.

  • Guidance on supplemental applications.  Discussion of post-bac classes and/or Master's programs.  Mock interview and critique sessions (unlimited until you feel secure)

  • As much time and effort as needed to make your application stand out.


All services include a review of what you have written, submitted, etc.  Dr. Messo will not write you essays, fill out your applications, or tell you where to apply or where not to apply -- only guidance based on each individual's credentials.  Suggestions will be made after a discussion with the applicant.  No medical school admission guarantee is being made or should be assumed.

Please be advised that Dr. Messo is not a licensed teacher or professional consultant and all services are based on his extreme knowledge of the medical field and the medical school application/admission process only.

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