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RKM Medical Education Consulting


1.  Do I need to use a consulting service to assist me in completing my medical school applications?

No.  If you have an overall GPA >3.5, Science GPA> 3.5, have an MCAT score >510, have extensive extra-curricular activities, good letters of recommendation, are/will be a graduate from a well-known university-- statistically, you will probably secure admission to medical school on your own.  However, in my experience, this is usually not the case.  Putting forth the best application you can will help to avoid rejections, or re-applying the following year.


2.  My pre-med advisor is not too helpful.  He is not very familiar with options for the non-traditional students (older, re-application students, students who do not meet pre-health committee requirements for letters of recommendation, etc.  Will Medical School Application 101 be familiar with all my options?
In fact, this is the type of student who usually benefits most from my consulting services.  I will work with you to put all the pieces together and make your application attractive and competitive to the medical schools you will be applying to.


3.  My GPA is 3.1, and my MCAT is 490.  I was told that I would not get into any medical schools, is this correct?
No, well probably no.  In the American Medical School system, it would be very unlikely to get into a school.  The application process is the same year to year, but some years it is more difficult to gain admission than others.  If you are willing to go out of the country to study, there are many possibilities.  I am very familiar with the requirements and familiar with all the off-shore medical schools.


4.  What makes you qualified to assist in the applications?
As you can see on my BIO page, I have been intimately involved in medical education for over 25 years at all levels (High School Advisor, Taught 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-year medical students, taught residents, served on 2admission committees at two NY medical schools, and have assisted many student gain acceptance to medical school or residency of their choice over my career.


5.  Can I meet in person for the consultations?
Yes, if you are in a 20-mile radius, I would be more than happy to meet in say a Starbucks for instance.  However, that is not necessary as much of what we do can be done with email, skype, face time, or telephone conversations.

6.  If I sign up and change my mind before the consultations begin, will I get my money back?
If we have not initiated the process, Yes.  No questions asked.  However, if we have begun, the unused allotted fees will be refunded.

7.  So it sounds like you are guaranteeing I will get admitted to medical school?
Absolutely NOT!  However, I can guarantee that I will work as hard as I possibly can to attempt to get you admitted, and achieve your goal of
becoming a physician.


8.  Will I be working with many individuals?
No.  I personally will be dedicated to working with you one-on-one.


9.  Will I just be one of many applicants using the consultative services of Dr. Messo?
No.  Dr. Messo limits the number of medical school applicants he works with so he can assure you he will be dedicated to your goals of getting accepted to medical school.


10.  Specifically what services are offered?
Dr. Messo will help you at every step.  The process starts with learning who you are, reviewing your credentials, and learning where and for what programs you wish to apply to.  With Dr. Messo’s experience, he will help guide you based on your qualifications.  He will help with the editing of your AAMCAS or AACOMAS
applications, edit (not write) your personal statement, assist in reviewing the supplemental applications, and offer a Mock Interview Session(s) as needed.  Dr. Messo will be there at any step or at every step depending on your needs.


11.  Does Dr. Messo hold any faculty appointments?

In the past, Dr. Messo has served as a faculty member at two Osteopathic Medical Schools, two American Allopathic Medical Schools, as well as faculty for 2 off-shore medical schools.  In addition, he was an adjunct faculty member at Wagner College for the Physician Assistant Program.  For more information on Dr. Messo's career, please refer to the Meet Dr. Messo page.

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